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Saturday, May 19, 2012, PETUNIA & The Minimalist Jug Band (9:00 PM Tickets $10)




"REAL UNDERGROUND MUSIC. Foot-tapping country & western laced with rock and jazz." - The New York Post, NYC, NY

"Everybody's talking about this ultracool, hillbilly cowboy singer from Quebec who keeps traveling back and forth across Canada singing his songs in little joints & coffee houses, collecting new friends & fans - wherever he goes. From what I can tell so far, he seems to be the real McCoy, A delightful mix of Hank Williams, rural rap, & appalachian stringband all rolled into one tight, entertaining package." - Tom Wilson, Jackdaws Pub, CALGARY, AB

Petunia's music is infectious, his singing ranges from the most delicate you've ever heard to the most powerful, often within a single song...hillbilly-flavoured-swing inflected ragtime goodtime, thunderously rolling one-of-a-kind show. 

He has a huge repertoire of music to draw from but fans continue to cry out for the Petunia originals. He is an undiscovered Canadian treasure that will soon join the pantheon of legendary performers from north of the 49th.

Petunia has 7 CDs out, including a vinyl LP & 45 r.p.m., with more to come.. His latest release (also out on vinyl) has been winning rave reviews. 

"Impressive stuff - this may well be the Vancouver roots music release of the year" Al MacInnis - The Georgia Straight, Vancouver, BC, (Nov. 2011)

Check out Petunia's music at:


The Minimalist Jug Band 


Al Mader, as you may well know, is the humbly brilliant slam Poet and washtub bass playing, Minimalist Jug Band.....a solo act of "inimitable beatnik punkabilly." 

It's hard to tell if Al is singing from memory or just making things up as he goes along, but it doesn't seem to matter. Full of parodies and puns, his joke-riddled rhymes are nothing short of knee-slapping; 

"If life is a river, then I should be dammed." This is the stuff Dan Mangan would appreciate, as does the audience. 

Check out The Minimalist Jug Band at:  (Dead Man's Pants) or at the AERA Conference:


For show details call 506-832-1212 or e-mail



Thursday, May 24, 2012 - SARAH BURTON (Show 8:00 PM)



Sarah Burton's a rambler, a gambler, a lover and a fighter.

Her adventurous sounds connect you to her journey, rolling with the steady pace of a train down the tracks and rocking like your favorite juke joint on a Friday night. Her steady and soulful voice tells the tales of life with beauty, strength and weariness, and an ever-present sense of excitement. 

Sarah has been spreading this excitement throughout North America since 2006, marked with such successes as having her music featured in the Lions Gate feature film "Cabin Fever 2", opening for pop sensation Kate Voegele at Toronto's Opera House in 2009, and receiving recognition for her song Then Run Away, being named Best Folk Song by Toronto Exclusive magazine in 2009. 

She released her debut EP Love is for Pussies in 2007, with Juno-award winning producer John Switzer, and is now releasing her new full-length album Mayflower;

"a country dusted folk album of steel guitars and sweet sorrow" (Brad Wheeler, The Globe & Mail)

Mayflower is a powerful collection of alt-folk music that forays into country and rock rhythms, its driving acoustic folk is showcased in such tracks as How Good You Are and Gravity, and the steel and electric guitars make their mark on If This is a Sin and What To Bring. Themes of travel, luck and love affairs are dispersed amid the collection, ranging from edgy and independent, to vulnerable, sweet and romantic. Accompanying the Mayflower release is a video for the album's single How Good You Are, thanks to a grant from Videofact, released in February 2011. Like the livin' lovin' road warrior her music atones to, Burton hit the road with the new album in February 2011 in western Canada, and will be crossing the Canadian countryside and into the US through spring and summer in support of her new release. 

Born in Ottawa, Sarah Burton has considered many a Canadian city home through her life, feeling most at home when on the move. Her career travels have seen her play NXNE, Canadian Music Week, Winterfolk (Toronto), We Are Many Festival (Saskatoon), the Brandon Folk Festival, Alberta's North Country Fair and British Columbia's Music on the Mountain, in addition to the many live music venues across the country. She's enjoyed radio play on many stations across Canada including the CBC and into the US, being heard in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Classically trained on the piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Burton didn't make the connection from classical music to rock until she was introduced to the sounds of Tori Amos by a piano teacher, and later discovered her fathers old Spanish guitar, kicking off the songwriting history of the inimitable Sarah Burton.

Check out Sarah Burton at:

 For show details call 506-832-1212 or e-mail


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